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       All are welcome at Faith Lutheran Church, a growing congregation that embraces God's guidance through Holy Scripture.  As a congregation we can bring God's light to the world, rather than being a reflection of the world's values.  You're invited to become familiar with us online; then please join us for worship and bible study. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. Together, with God's help, we'll grow a congregation built on the Word of God and FAITH.


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Regular Sunday Services (Every Sunday)

            All Services held at 113 N. Main St., Holstein ( Downtown Holstein )

                 9:00 a.m. - Adult Bible Study / Sunday School for Everyone
                10:15 a.m. - Worship


Please join us for - Upcoming Holy Week Services/Events
Thursday, April 2nd - Maundy Thursday
7:15pm Worship Service with Holy Communion
Friday, April 3rd - Good Friday
7:15pm Worship Service
Sunday, April 5th - Easter Sunday
7:30 am to 8:45 am - Easter Breakfast
8:15am to 8:45am  - Structured Activities for Sunday School Youth
9:00 am - Worship Service with Holy Communion
       No Adult Bible Study this day
Any questions on any of these events, please call the church at 712-368-2850.


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 Faith Lutheran Church | PO Box 157 | Holstein,IA 51025 | 712-368-2850 - faith@faithholstein.com